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Post Literate Art - Abstract Calligraffiti

Par MATOX :: 14/05/2012 à 14:23 :: Général
Post Literate Art - Abstract Calligraffiti by Nuno de Matos
Post literacy as visual art expression by Nuno de Matos ( )

Acrylic, metal spray, posca on canvas 160x120
Abstract writing by Nuno de matos //

acrylic, metal spray and posca on canvas - 120x120

Like, the Futur Post-Literate Society ?

Consider this in light of Bruce Powe’s description of a post-literate society:

Literacy: the ability to read and interpret the written word. What is post-literacy? It is the condition of semi-literacy, where most people can read and write to some extent, but where the literate sensibility no longer occupies a central position in culture, society, and politics. Post-literacy occurs when the ability to comprehend the written word decays. If post-literacy is now the ground of society questions arise: what happens to the reader, the writer, and the book in post-literary environment? What happens to thinking, resistance, and dissent when the ground becomes wordless?


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